Welcome to this week’s addition of Finest Foodies Friday!
This is the day that I like to feature favorite blogs from The Foodie Blogroll. It is a way to help us expand our foodie horizons and get to know other food bloggers out there. Last week, I featured my Top 5 Favorite Italian American Food Blogs!
This week, as promised, I will be featuring my
Top 5 Greek Food Blogs!

Greek food will always been my first love of the culinary world. As a person who is Italian American, who grew up on Italian food, I am always amazed when 90% of the time when ask someone what their favorite kind of food is – I get “Italian”. Don’t get me wrong, I obviously love La Cucina Italiana as much as the next person, but it was never “exotic” to me. I like to be enchanted and surprised when I eat food and the first time I ever had Greek food, the true food of the Gods, I thought I has died and gone to the Elysian Fields. I think what really got me was Feta cheese – the tartness of it and the texture. I had never experienced cheese like this before. It was a whole new world – a world that has now made me addicted to cheese, but that is a whole other story. I also loved the use of thick plain yogurt on so many savory dishes and then there was the copious amounts of my favorite herb, oregano, “joy of the mountain” – on bread, on lamb and in my mouth. It was just a symphony for my tastebuds and I loved it all. This passion for Greek food and the Ancient World (I am a huge history and language geek) actually prompted me to take a semester long independent study of modern Greek when I was in high school. My final assignment was to go to a Greek restaurant and order in Greek. I still can’t believe I did that, because I can’t recollect a single word of the Greek language. How sad. Recently I have become devoted to Greek Olive Oil. It is my “special” Olive Oil that everyone in the family knows not to touch without my permission. It is liquid gold.

Since then I have been introduced to all kinds of cuisines, but my favorite region of the world to eat in, will always be the Mediterranean. But Greek will always be my first love, it is what inspired me to acquaint myself with other favorite cuisines – Lebanese, Turkish, Moroccan, Tunisian. Here I give a nod to the bloggers who still inspire me with the cuisine of the Greek Isles – tempting me with dishes you will never see in any restaurant. I relish hearing the stories of their families and their food. It is a feast for all the senses! So join me on this journey to Greece!

Jenn’s Top 5 Greek Food Blogs:

Elly of Elly Says Opa! was another one of my very first blogging buddies. She joined the Foodie Blogroll early in the game and I just love her sense of humor. She is so down to earth and I know if we lived in the same apartment building (like a dream she had) we would cook up a storm! My favorite post of her’s to date is the one where she cooks Plasto with her Yiayia (Grandmother).

Now there are two Peter the Greeks that are making a name for themselves in the Foodie Blogosphere and they are both on my top 5 list! I will put them in the order in which I “met” them!

Peter of Kalofagas is always cooking up a storm up in the Great White North of Canada. His food always looks amazing, which is why it makes sense that his blog title means “A Gourmet” because he certainly is that. I don’t think there was a single dish Peter ever posted that I thought did not look like something I wanted to eat. My favorite recipes of his are for his Mezes – or Greek appetizers. He is always at his creative best when it comes to those.

Then there is Peter G. also known as Protos on The Leftover Queen Forum whose blog Souvlaki For The Soul ( I just love that name too!) has some of the best photos of food. Everything just always looks great. Peter pays a lot of attention to detail, which is probably why he came in third place in our biggest Royal Foodie Joust, yet! He does lots of the Greek Classics, but he also creates lots of dishes with flair from Australia, where he lives. You guys have got to check out his awesomely beautiful Passion Fruit Curd.

If you guys have never to been Ivy’s blog called Kopiaste, I suggest going. She is a Greek Cypriot Food Blogger and I really enjoy her dishes from her native Cyprus. She also has a great knack for story telling and is very proficient in the history of Greece and Cyprus. Her blog is not only delicious, but also educational! Plus she is going to help me become a star in Roberto’s eyes by posting a recipe for home made Olive Bread! 🙂

Then there is Laurie, of Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska.
Thant’s right, Alaska. Laurie wrote a Greek cookbook as a fund raiser for her church. All the proceeds go to its Building Fund. Laurie’s blog is full of fabulous food ideas that you would never imagine were Greek – which to me is a good thing, because it always expands my horizons of Greek Cuisine. Her recipes are very detailed. But what I love the best, is that so far removed from the Mediterranean climate, she keeps her food heritage alive!

Here is a nomination we got for a favorite blog of SuperChef’s. She wanted to recommend Brittany, The Pie Lady, who has a wonderful blog full of tasty morsels. She is a pastry chef and so her dishes are always very beautiful as well as tasty. I have also always loved Brittany’s blog and we all miss her over at the Forum where she was a very active member! Come back Brittany!!!

If you have a favorite food blog from the Foodie Blogroll, please come here to nominate them to be featured in an upcoming Finest Foodies Friday.

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