Hi Everyone!


I have a few updates to share with everyone. Number one, I was adding new blogs to the ever growing, ever popular Foodie Blogroll this morning. Can you believe we have over 900 blogs now and that I get more and more requests everyday? It is amazing. I don’t talk about it much on this blog, because it speaks for itself, really, but it is really such a wealth of information. It features blogs from all corners of the world. Such an amazing tool for the food blogger, home cook, chef and anyone who just loves food. There is so much there, it is hard to keep track of everyone. I think as a community it is important for people to share with each other what is going on and inform us all about really great blogs out there that we might be missing. For example…

One of the newest members of The Foodie Blogroll is Priya, from 365 Days Pure Vegetarian, had a recipe for Tamarind Date Chutney on her blog! Many of you who enjoyed my post on Tamarinds were wondering how to make this on your own – well here is how! There is a link to it imbedded in this recipe.
So in order to help us all find these hidden treasures, I am going to begin featuring a Foodie Blogroll Blog of The Week to show the variety we have in this part of the blogosphere. If you would like to nominate a Foodie Blogroll Member for this honor, please post it on The LeftoverQueen Forum here. If you are not yet a member of The Foodie Blogroll, Join Us Today!


We also through the blogroll, have a wonderful forum to discuss foodie things – topics range from help with ingredients, to your favorite food celebrities, and The Royal Foodie Joust – a wonderful event that really gets your food mojo on!


This is a monthly event that just is full of fun, creativity and lots of great ideas and takes on how to create dishes from the same ingredients. It is so inspiring. Please check it out if you haven’t. Click here for more info. Remeber, only 2 more days to get your entry in there!

Since I am all about Foodie communities, as some of you may have noticed, I have recenlty joined one myself. There is a banner on my right sidebar for FoodBuzz. I am now a Featured Publisher for Foodbuzz and as I make my way through the blogosphere I note that I am in very good company, as many of my favorite blogs are also on the team. Please spread the word. My ratings depend on people looking at the site, voting, and also writing reviews/rating my site on the Foodbuzz site. Please click on my “vote for me!” badge on my right sidebar, about midway down. Or go to my profile on FoodBuzz by clicking on my Featured Publisher Badge or here is a link to where you can find me on FoodBuzz and leave your comments, feedback and ratings. I am not usually crazy about self-promotion, but this is very important and your support means a lot! Thanks for supporting your friendly, local LeftoverQueen! 🙂