This month’s Royal Foodie Joust was really a challenge of tastes, using one of my most favorite combinations: Chocolate and Chilies. There is just something so warming and sensual about this mingling of flavors that when Ley of Cilantro & Lime, the winner of last month’s joust, chose these ingredients, along with a grain of any kind, I knew we were going to get some imaginative entries this month and that we most certainly did! If you have not had a chance to check them out, you really should click here , as I am sure many of you would enjoy the recipes. If you are not familiar with The Royal Foodie Joust, it is a monthly event where you have three ingredients you must use to create a recipe. The winner picks the three ingredients for the next month. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the culinary ingenuity that comes with each month’s competition. The competitors just always push their skill to the next level and I am impressed each month. It has become quite an event and to commemorate last month, our largest number of entries to date, I decided from now on to award the winner of each month with an apron that has the Royal Foodie Joust Icon, the name of their blog and their winning entry.

Here is a quote from last month’s winner, Ley:

“I was so excited that I jumped up and down, squeaking. (Thanks, Jenn. Now my new neighbors think I’m a bit off.) I immediately ran inside, put it on, and proceeded to take about 50 pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror.”

If you want to read her whole story about receiving the apron click here.
It is a hoot!!! Not only is Ley a great cook, but she is a comedian as well!

So if you want to win a super cool personalized apron, make sure to enter January’s Royal Foodie Joust. Once the winner gives me their choice of ingredients, I announce it on The Leftover Queen Forum and the competition begins! So please check in frequently. So on that topic, I will now announce the winner of December 2007 Royal Foodie Joust:


Emiline of Sugar Plum with her Chocolate-Chipotle Bizcochitos

Second Place Tie:


Ben of What’s Cooking? with Pumpkin Mole Over Mexican Rice


Brittany of The Pie Lady with Mayan Chocolate Boca Negra

Third Place:


Nuria of Spanish Recipes with Rabbit and Red prawns with Chocolate Sauce

Thanks to all the participants!