This is a busy busy week on the internet. Sometimes there does’t seem like enough to pst about, but this week, I have too many posts that are time sensitive. So grab yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy!

On Saturday we begin the voting for The Royal Foodie Joust . This month’s ingredients are: Chocolate (any kind but white),Chilis/Chili Powder (any type),Grains (like wheat, rice, oats, etc., in any form).

So please remember to post your entry before December 1 to be considered for the voting. The prize for each month is your own RJF apron with the name of your blog on it!


There is another exciting event beginning tomorrow. The Dolce Italiano Contest of which I have been asked to play a pretty big role in. This is a very exciting event for all those lovers of Italian pastries and sweets.
Shelley from At Home in Rome, the mastermind behind this event explains it in her words:

“So?! What the heck is the Dolce Italiano contest, anyways, you ask? Have you ever heard of Mario Batali? What about Babbo Ristorante in NYC? Temple of fine Italian cooking where I dream of one day sitting down to a nice plate of pasta and… let’s not forget dessert…Which is where my friend Gina comes in! Gina DePalma has been the executive pastry chef at Babbo since it opened in 1998, and has just released her first cookbook, Dolce Italiano. The book is getting truly rave reviews from both professionals in the field and reader chefs, just came in an impressive #3 on Amazon’s Best Books of 2007 (Cooking, Food and Wine), and was chosen by Publisher’s Weekly as one of the Best Books of the Year (Lifestyle). Now I know you want one, don’t you??I have joined forces with four other fantastic bloggers to bring you a chance to win this book, and along the way, to admire and perhaps even try your hand at making up to 10 different recipes from this amazing Italian dessert masterpiece.
Every day for the next two weeks (starting next Monday), one member of the aforementioned Dolce Italiano Blogger Team will be featuring a recipe from Gina’s Dolce Italiano cookbook. We’ll have Ms. Adventures in Italy on Mondays, Lucullian Delights on Tuesdays, Bleeding Espresso on Wednesdays, back here to At Home in Rome on Thursdays, and The Leftover Queen on Fridays. All you have to do to enter the contest is stop by, check out the post, and leave a comment! Semplice!
You can therefore enter up to 10 times to win the cookbook, which, by the way, will be personalized and signed just for you by Gina herself!!You can only enter once on each post (two comments or more will count as one entry) and the winner will be randomly chosen by number from among all the entries.Get excited, this is going to be fun!”


So please check out all the entries and beautiful desserts these bloggers (including myself!!!!) are whipping up and at the same time enter to win a copy of this amazing book. My first recipe will be posted on Friday November 30th. There are so many wonderful recipes in here you will certainly want this cookbook as part of your collection.