Roberto and I have a good friend Clarence who lives in Toronto, Canada. You can read all about Clarence and what a wonderful host he was when Roberto and I went to Toronto about a year and a half ago here. Clarence enjoys cooking and eating and he sent me a recipe for his Thrown Down Teriyaki Chicken. I think you all will appreciate this fast and quick but delicious meal. Perhaps you could even substitute leftover Thanksgiving turkey for the chicken?

Oh and don’t forget – only a week to get your entry in for this month’s Royal Foodie joust!

So take it away Clarence! (Stay tuned – Clarence should be sending me a foodie tour of his trip to Hong Kong).

Clarence’s Throw-Down Dinner: Teriyaki Chicken

Your boyfriend or girlfriend telling you to eat healthier? Your husband or wife wishing you would stop eating minute noodles? Well here’s a throw-down dinner that is SO DANG EASY that I could do it in my sleep!


—Ingredients—Vegetable Oil
Teriyaki Sauce
Chicken (as much as you want)

—Optional Ingredients—Broccoli (as much as you want)
Carrots (as much as you want)
Mushrooms (as much as you want)
Hot Peppers (as much as you want)

—Tools—Wok / Frying pan
Something to stir with
Cutting board and knife.
Rice cooker



First, get your butt off the couch or computer chair and go to the grocery store. Believe me, this is the hardest part of the job: not being lazy and finding some time. Grab some chicken, teriyaki sauce, vegetable oil and some rice. You may already have some of these ingredients at home, so that saves some time. Grab the optional ingredients listed above or anything else you feel like throwing in. Just remember that they should be DRY ingredients. Using eggs or wet vegetables would change the texture/taste of the teriyaki sauce so I would stay away from them.


Chop up all the ingredients to the size you want and prepare everything next to the stove. Awesome huh? There, the hard part is over. If you are too lazy to get to this stage, there is little hope for you. Have a wok or frying pan ready (I used a wok but either will work). This is also a good time to start cooking your rice so it will be finished by the time the stir-fry is done. Since most people have rice cookers, I am going to skip instructions on how to make rice. Put some oil into the wok and let it heat up (set the heat on high). Sing yourself a song. Now throw the chicken in and stir it up until it turns white. Toss in some Teriyaki sauce (enough to coat the chicken brown when you stir it). Do not put in too much sauce or it will be too salty. Cover it with a lid for about a minute. Now is a good time to think about what to make for tomorrow’s dinner. Lift the lid and stir a bit more.

Time to throw in the optional ingredients. Toss them in and stir. Add a bit of water (about 1/3 of the amount of Teriyaki sauce you used). Cover it with the lid again.

Lift the lid after about 45 seconds and you will notice that the chicken juices have made an amazing sauce. Turn off your stove. Place rice around a plate and throw your stir-fry into the center. Take some of the sauce and drizzle it over the stir-fry (image 4). Now tell me that wasn’t easy!