It is time to announce this month’s Royal Foodie Joust winner. She is a first time participant and came up with a wonderful, creative, hearty and perfect autumn weather dish. I want some right now! Congrats go out to – Ley from Cilantro & Lime
with her entry of Mushroom Paneer.


Second place this month goes to Holler of Tinned Tomatoes
with her festive and beautiful creation, Pumpkin Fondue housed in a fresh pumpkin. How cool does that look?


Third place is a tie this month between Tri-Mushroom Masala with Screwpine Leaf Rice by Dharm from Dad ~ Baker & Chef


And Wild Mushroom Spread by Judy of No Fear Entertaining

(Sorry, No Picture)

Thanks again to all of the participants this month for their wonderful job! This month we had double the entries we had any other month. So special thanks to Brittany aka The Pie Lady
for her fabulous choice of ingredients. I think her lead is a good one – she picked three widely available and commonly used items for the joust which made participation easy and uncomplicated for all of our jousters all over the globe – it also gave people the chance to get really creative with these already familiar ingredients! Please stay tuned to find out about Ley’s choices for the next joust! This event just keeps getting better and better!

As a reward I will be giving a prize out to the first place winner from this month on!
Thanks again to everyone for your participation and we’ll see you again for next month’s joust!