I love fried plantains. The first time I ever had them was in a Puerto Rican restaurant and they served these plantains, like French fries alongside of my meal. They were topped with sour cream and it was love at first bite! Ever since that day, whenever I eat Latin food, I am looking for those plantains – Deeply caramelized on the outside, soft on the inside.


I loved them so much I tried making them at home,several times over the years, but they always turned out hard and starchy, even when I bought ones that were yellow. I asked around, but no one could really give me the secret to the perfect fried plantain – probably because the secret is so easy, they failed to mention it!


Enter Michael Chiarello, Food Network chef. Now Michael usually shows us how to entertain Italian style, but last week I watched one of his shows that focused on Cuban food, where he was celebrating the beginning of his food career in South Florida. In comes the secret to perfect fried plantains.


It happened so fast and so easily, I almost missed it…the secret, is to fry them once in vegetable oil until golden brown, then take them out of the oil and pound them, so they crack open, breaking up the starch, then fry them again. So the next time I went to the grocery store I was all over those plantains and we did them up that very night, and guess what? My plantains were perfect!!!! We served them with black beans and a little smoked kielbasa – I know, not really keeping with the theme, but it was a least that little pork flavor that goes so well with plantains and black beans! So there you have it, they secret to fried plantains!

Have a great weekend everybody!