Watermelon is a big summertime treat! Cool and refreshing we enjoy it all summer long! Sometimes when you buy a huge watermelon it is hard to know what to do with the leftovers. Here are two great suggestions that are easy to make and oh so delicious –
Watermelon Soda and Watermelon Granita.
The first step gets you the soda; the next step gets you the granita. You can do this with any fruit – cantaloupe is delicious and the next fruit I want to try it with is papaya, the king of all fruits (in my mind!). So cool off with these great treats!


Leftover fruit – in this case watermelon. It is good to have about 4 cups of fruit. This will serve about 10 people one drink.

Simple syrup – to make simple syrup, please click this link – use it to taste. I usually use ¼ cup to the 4 cups of fruit.

Lime Juice – I like to add a little tart-ness to my fruit sodas and ices – I use the juice of ½ a lime for the mixture.

Seltzer Water (this is only for the sodas)



In a food processor or blender add the ingredients (except for the seltzer) and blend until smooth. Using a sieve, strain the fruit into a pitcher to remove the pulp (if you like pulp, skip this step).


Then add a bottle of seltzer to the pitcher and serve over ice.


If you are making Granita, pour the juice into a square baking dish and place in the freezer. After ½ hour, scrape down the sides and stir mixture. This will create crystallization which you want. Then repeat again in one hour. When granita is frozen, serve by scraping the top with a spoon.