The WINNER of the first Royal Foodie Joust is
Jennifer Of …and the eggs with the entry of


Scrumptious Camembert with Dried Fruit and Almonds.

Followed in second place by Marye of
Apron Stings and Simmering Things


Chevre, Date, and Walnut Empanadas with Mango Rum Coulis ,

Followed in third place by
Elly of Elly says Opa! with


Bruschetta “Pesto” Trio .


We had so many fabulous entries; it was so hard to choose a favorite! I thank everyone for their participation and I am really pleased with the number of entries we had and the delicious, inventive dishes everyone came up with!
I am looking forward to hearing what 3 ingredients Jennifer chooses for the next joust! The next joust begins once I announce the 3 ingredients and entries can be submitted on the August 1st thread until August 1st 10 PM US EST. The voting will take place for 5 days and the winner will be announced on August 6th! So enter to win today!