There are so many wonderful things for Foodies to participate in on the web. So many events and contests to keep our creative juices flowing and to really keep us all on our toes! I have been so inspired by these kinds of events that I became part of the Daring Bakers and started my own Foodie Event, the Royal Foodie Joust!


I came across one foodie event that a fellow Foodie Blogroll Member is doing! Jerry, the self-proclaimed Food Snob over at
Cooking By The Seat Of My Pants is hosting an ongoing event called
“Your Pantry or Mine?” I thought it was a very inventive idea, so I asked him some questions about it and his foodie lifestyle and he was kind enough to answer them. Here is the interview!

1) What inspired you to create this kind of food event? I have to admit, it is something I would have loved to have thought up, being the Leftover Queen and all! LOL!

It stemmed from a challenge I made to an unnamed person who accused me of being a food snob. (He was partially right… I’ll only admit to partially so far, but partially right…)
Since my belief is that you can make something delicious from the simplest things, (I make ramen in over 30 different ways on a regular basis.) I put out a challenge for this person to give me a list of whatever was in his or her pantry. They never responded, but my other readers loved the ides. So far I have two lists, and I’m hoping for more over the next few weeks/months/years. Sorry I got there first… O.K., I’m not, but it’s polite to say so.

2) Is it hard to create a meal out of someone else’s pantry? I mean, pantries are kind of people’s safe foods, things they always have around. But all pantries are not created equal; they have different things in them, depending on the owner’s tastes.

Actually it’s a lot more difficult than I’d imagined. Not everyone stocks the same staple items, and a person’s background heavily influences so called “normal” pantry items. On this first run through I had the naïve idea that I’d just “buy some stuff off the list”, but that doesn’t work out when you’ve already got “almost” the same thing sitting in the pantry at home. Some adjustments have to be made, simply because I’m not sitting in that person’s kitchen and some of the ingredients may not even be available to me.
It’s also painfully expensive. It doesn’t sound like it would be, but it radically changes the grocery bill to change up your purchasing habits, especially if you change the things you’d normally stock as staples. At this point I’m not making plans to change the challenge, but depending on the pantry list provided, I may have to pair down what I make from it.

3) So Jerry? Do you have a love of leftovers like I do? What are some of your go-to meals when you are exhausted, haven’t been to the store in a week and need to whip up something for the family?

Leftovers aren’t that common around our house at the moment, but mostly because we’re currently cooking for two… For another few months at least, then there probably will be. (The baby isn’t old enough for his own “grown up food” yet) When there are leftovers they’re usually of the long-cooked variety, such as roast beef, pork, turkey or the occasional chicken leftovers. In that case, they almost always get added into dinner the next day in some manner, and recreated if possible.
I have three go-to’s; ramen, rice and beans (pinto, dried.) I can make nearly anything if I have one of the other three handy.

4) Name your three most important pantry staples.

Coffee, sugar and beans (my wife would say rice here, BTW)

5) If you could make a meal out of any celebrity pantry, whose would it be and why?

I’m really not that big on celebrity. I think I’d want to take a crack at Paula Deen’s pantry. That would be a blast. At least I know I’d never run out of butter, mayo or cream cheese!

6) How about any Foodie Blogroll member?

I don’t know that I could choose just one. Each member of the blogroll brings something completely different to the party. I’m not sure I could do anything at all with Brillyn’s pantry or Andhra Spicy’s, and Shawnda has the market on the number of ways pasta can be accompanied. Every food blog I visit inspires me at some point or another.
Having said that, I’m open to giving a go at any list member that would like to send in their pantry list.

Jerry D. Russell
Cooking by the seat of my Pants! every day since January 2007!

So there you have it everyone! Go check out Jerry’s blog and ask him to make a masterpiece out of your pantry leftovers!