So the title of this blog is called The Leftover Queen, right?
What kind of Leftover Queen would I be if I didn’t have any Tupperware?
Tupperware is like leftover’s sidekick! You really cannot have one without the other.
Tupperware is what keeps leftovers fresh and easily accessible for cooking. I love the way it keeps me organized too. They are now stackable and easy to store when not in use. I am not a big fan of cling plastic wraps, as many of them don’t work the way they are advertised. Plus it is not good for the planet. With my Tupperware I don’t waste or throw away as much plastic wrap, so it is good for the environment as well! Plus I can use it to transport things to my cooking classes, to parties or anywhere I need my food to travel.
So this week’s product of the week, pantry essential, is none other than Tupperware. Long gone are the days of Tupperware parties, now you can order straight from their webpage all of their Fridge Essentials which are now 35% off through June 29th.
So go check out their webpage – your leftovers will thank you! 😉