Well everyone the Foodie Blogroll has grown beyond its expectations! There are so many wonderful members in our community with so many diverse ways of making, thinking and enjoying the foods we prepare. I am so happy to find out that so many of you are making friends and contacts with other members on the blogroll. I have learned so much and I am sure you all have too. After this weekend, we will be at over 100 members. I know for myself, I am having a hard time now, getting to visit everyone like I want to. So I have decided to commemorate this, and make it easier for everyone to interact…

We, the Foodie blogroll members will be having our own forum on this webpage to discuss ideas, recipes, food related questions and topics of your choosing, etc. ! Stay tuned for the details. I will write another post to let you know the details once it is up and running! 🙂

And with this number of 100 – I am also going to be starting my own monthly event! So stay tuned for details on that as well!

Looking forward to talking with all of you on the forum soon!