As if I haven’t challenged myself enough lately with food, I have decided to face one of my biggest fears in the foodie world: BAKING.

I am a cook – I eyeball everything. I don’t measure. As you all remember it was less than 2 weeks ago I was complaining about how I was having such trouble figuring out all the measurements for my upcoming class I am teaching.

So here’s a little known fact about the Leftover Queen. When I am afraid of something I go for it whole hog – as long as it won’t cause any bodily harm that is…

I was chronically afraid of dancing my whole life…so what did I do – enroll in bellydancing. I figured if I could perform in front of people, half-naked, DANCING, then I could find the courage to dance at a wedding or party. I ended up loving it!

So in the same spirit, I have become one of the new members of The Daring Bakers! I will challenge myself to work with flour and knead dough and all the things that freak me out about baking…who knows, just like bellydancing, I may end up loving it too! Stay Tuned…..