Most people in the foodie world have heard of Truffles. No, not the deep chocolate ones, but the earthy fungi ones that cost a gazillion dollars and can only be harvested from fall to mid-winter in Italy and France. These truffles are harvested from the ground near certain trees and must be sniffed out by specially trained pigs or dogs. Now you can have the wonderful taste of these prized truffles for a fraction of the cost by getting Tartuflanghe’s Truffle Infused Olive Oil (Olio al Tartufi) 55 ml.
I promote this particular brand because Tartuflanghe is owned by Domenica Bertolusso, one of the few women in this male dominated business and despite this one of the regions most influential sellers. This oil is great to drizzle on risottos, pastas, stews, egg dishes and anything else you want to lend an earthy undertone too. Use sparingly!