You Can’t Have a Picnic Without Potato Salad…. and now you won’t be able to have one without Nana’s famous Potato Salad.

Nana’s Potato Salad – you can’t beat the original!

Nana's Potato Salad by The Leftover Queen

What is so wonderful about these old-school cooking methods and recipes is that they are so simple and you make as much as you need. If you are having a party, make more, if it is just family make less. It is all spiced according to your own taste. So you end up with something you really like. Although these recipes are not Italian per se, they are made with the same rustic principles you find in Italian Cooking. Happy Memorial Day to the Americans and Happy Summer to everyone else (unless you are in Australia, NZ or South America (or anywhere else I have forgotten)!).



5 Yukon gold potatoes , boiled and peeled- red skinned is great too (but leave the skins on!)!
Cut up celery, into small pieces
Cut up green pepper, into small pieces
Cut up white onion, into small pieces
Green olives with pimentos, cut up into small pieces
3 hardboiled eggs, boiled, cut up into small pieces
Salt, pepper and mayo to taste (homemade is the best!)
Garnish with paprika – my favorite is sweet Hungarian paprika


Nana's Potato Salad by The Leftover Queen 2

Boil the potatoes and eggs until they are ready. Once they have cooled you cut them up into small pieces. Mix with all the other ingredients in a bowl. Garnish with Paprika. Chill until serving.

Serves: varies