Here is my recipe for this months Heart of the Matter for which the theme this month is pasta! You can find out about The Heart of the Matter here, or visit Ilva over at Lucullian Delights for more information! Be healthy not just for your heart but for your whole well-being. Eating does not have to be bad for you!

I love using leftover vegetables and sauces to make delicious healthy pasta dishes. This one is one of my favorites. It is rich in flavor and color, and is perfect to celebrate the coming of spring! You can use any seasonal vegetables or frozen vegetables you have and if you don’t want to use basil pesto, you can use sundried tomatoes and olive oil for a twist!

Enjoy with a nice glass of wine and crusty bread for dinner. Or bring it to your next picnic served cold. Either way, your family and friends will love it!


1 Large Eggplant
2 Medium Zucchini
1 Large Red Onion
1 Jar of Roasted Red Peppers
1 Container of Pesto
1 Box of Whole Wheat Penne
¼ Cup Olive Oil
Fresh Parmigiano
Fresh Italian Parsley


Preheat grill (outdoor, stovetop, George Forman, whatever you have,If you do not have a grill, you can roast the vegetables in the oven at 375 degrees for 20 minutes).

Put water on the boil for pasta; don’t forget to lightly salt your water (this brings out the flavor of the pasta).

Cut Eggplant and Zucchini into circles (you can cut the circles on a diagonal if you want to be fancy). Cut onion into circles. Place eggplant, zucchini and onion in a bowl and drizzle about ¼ cup of olive oil over them. Season with salt and pepper. Gently toss so all veggies are covered in oil.

Grill or roast veggies until they are tender.
Put pasta in water and boil for 10 minutes or until pasta is al dente (not hard but not mushy).

While veggies are roasting and pasta is cooking, cut the red pepper into long slices.
Once all ingredients are cooked, mix pasta, veggies and pesto together in a large serving bowl. Drizzle top with olive oil and cover with fresh Parmigiano and Parsley and ENJOY!

Serves 4.