I have some really good news!

There is a very unique and wonderful gourmet food and cooking supply store that just opened up here in Ocala, FL called Bakers and Cooks the fine folks over there are also building a beautiful state-of-the art cooking school there called The Culinaria Food Arts Studio I am going to be co-teaching a summer cooking camp for kids there starting towards the end of May. I have also been asked to teach a cooking class for adults based on the principles from my LeftOverQueen site!

Both of these projects sound like tons of fun! I hope it will be a good way to start getting more involved in my new hometown as well! Wish me Luck!

If you live in the Ocala area and love food I highly recommend checking these places out and enrolling your child, neice, nephew, cousin, etc. in the summer camp! It is going to be lots of fun! And the kids will really learn how to move around in the kitchen and make delicious food – OUT OF THE BOX!