These Arancini -Fried Risotto Balls are a favorite Roman snack. With your leftover Risotto from this recipe, you too can make these delicious treats.
Try them for your next party and have people talking about you and your cooking skills for weeks to come!

Adapted from:
Italian: The Definitive Professional Guide


1 Recipe of Risotto with Cheese
3 Eggs
2/3 cup Mozzarella Cheese, cut into small dice
Oil, for deep frying
Breadcrumbs to coat
Flour to coat


Allow the risotto to cool completely. It is best to make the risotto a day ahead and refrigerate overnight – it makes the consistency better for forming the balls.

Beat 2 eggs and mix them well into the cold risotto.

Use your hands to form the rice mixture into balls the size of a large egg. If the mixture is too moist to hold its shape well, stir in a few tablespoons of breadcrumbs as necessary. Poke a hole into the center of each ball, fill it with a few small cubes of mozzarella and close the hole over again with the rice mixture.


Spread some flour on a plate. Beat the remaining egg in a shallow bowl. Sprinkle another plate with breadcrumbs. Roll each ball into flour, then egg, and finally the bread crumbs.

Fry them a few at a time in hot oil until crisp. If you do not have a deep fryer, you can do this in s large saucepan. Drain rice balls on paper towels while the remaining balls are frying.


Serve hot.
Serves 4 as a meal – serves 10 as an appetizer.