Fresh herbs are a wonderful way to add life and spice to your dishes. Adding a fresh herb garnish catches the eye and makes your creation look beautiful. Chopping some fresh herbs to sprinkle on top of your plate as a finishing touch adds a spark of freshness and color to an otherwise plain looking meal. So be creative, make every meal special and add fresh herbs to your daily repertoire!


basil.jpgItalian Basil: Italian Basil is a delicious herb with a lemony flavor. It is very clean and fresh and is especially good when added to dishes that contain tomatoes for example pastas and pizzas, but it is in no way limited to that.

thaibasil.jpgThai Basil: Thai Basil is a spicy basil and is the backbone of Thai inspired dishes and curries. It has a beautiful purple hue to it which adds bold color and drama to your dishes. Perfect chopped on top of fish or in exotic fruit salads.

mint.jpgMint Varieties: Mint comes in a huge variety of flavors – classics like peppermint and spearamint but unconventional like pineapple and chocolate. Great as a garnish in teas or fruit salads and perfect for the famous Cuban drink – Mojitos! Mint is also used in more savory dishes from places like Greece and the Middle East.

oregano.jpgOregano: Oregano is one of my favorite fresh herbs. It is a classic for the Mediterranean kitchen. I love to chop it up for salads, add it to pasta dishes and even coat meat in it for grilling, especially lamb. It is very versatile and has a very spicy pungent herbal taste!

cilantro.gifCilantro: Cilantro is great for a lot of tropical kinds of dishes – from Carribean to Thai cooking it is a staple. It also helps counteract salmonella when digested! Combine with lime juice as a marinade over fish! Delicious!

parsley.jpgFlat Leaf Parsley: Flat leaf Parsley is a classic for the Italian kitchen. You can use it as a garnish or chop it up to top almost any kind of dish you can think of. Probably one of the most popular and versatile herbs!

chives.jpgChives: Who has never tried fresh chives mixed with sour cream to top a baked potato? Simple and delicious. Chives are wonderful, great in salads and other vegetable dishes, also very good on fish.

rosemary.jpgRosemary: Rosemary is a very savory herb. I use it all the time when roasting potatoes or making sweet potato fries! It is delicious mixed with roasted vegetables and you can even use sticks of it as skewers for grilling shrimp or cubes of chicken!

thyme.jpgThyme: Thyme has a very woodsy flavor with a twist of lemon. It is great with things that come out of the ground such as mushrooms and carrots. It lends a bit of citrus undertone and brings out the woodsiness of the vegetables. Also great with Chicken and other Meats.

There are many other fresh herbs to try and experiment with. These are my tried and true favorites, but get out there and find yours!