This cake recipe will make people think you bought it at a European Bakery. The best thing about is that it is adapted from a store bought cake mix, making it almost effortless!
It is beautiful, fresh, festive and delicious.


1 Cake Mix (store bought) – chocolate or vanilla works well but feel free to be creative!
1 Jar of Nutella
1 Pint Heavy Whipping Cream
1 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract
1 Pint Strawberries
2 tsp Sugar


Prepare the cake according to the manufacturer’s directions for 2 circular layers. Allow cake to completely cool before moving on to the next steps. Doing this a day ahead works really well.

Whip cream and vanilla on an electric mixer or use a hand mixer. When it has formed soft peaks you can add 2 tsp liqueur as well – Godiva or Frangelico works great!

Slice strawberries – saving several whole berries to put on top of the cake. Mix sugar with the berries.

Ice both tops of the cake layers with Nutella
Place a big dollop of whipped cream in between the layers, on top of the strawberries.


Top the cake with the whipped cream in any design you choose, or just dump it on top!

Place the whole strawberries on top as a garnish. If you feel extra fancy you can pre-dip them in Nutella or chocolate and refrigerate until it is time to garnish!

You won’t believe how easy it was to make something this good!