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My name is Jenn and I am a Freelance Food & Travel Writer, Creative Cook, Creator of The Foodie Blogroll and Food Critic, or what I like to call a “Professional Foodie”. I live in Saint Augustine, Florida, with my husband, Roberto, our cat and our puppy. It is a good life. I love creating delicious, healthy and original menus for us to enjoy and keep us all healthy!

This website is dedicated to people who love to cook and love to create culinary masterpieces from simplicity. Simplicity is the backbone of Southern Italian cooking which is the food I grew up on. I love featuring recipes from farmers market finds and I talk a lot on this blog about eating locally and making things from scratch.

I am a home-spun cook learning from my Calabrese Grandma, my Sicilian Grandfather, my very food adventurous mom and my dad, who was famous for “Leftover Soup”. I grew up in the kitchens of all of these wonderful people and found passion for food at a very young age. In my later years I have always advocated for healthy eating for everyone and have a huge passion for healthy eating, nutrition and holistic lifestyles.

Cooking has always been my passion. I love cooking for family and friends and entertaining. I love the creativity of it all. I feel food should be celebrated at every meal time because every day is a special occasion. But it doesn’t have to be hard and time consuming…

I hate throwing food away, so I try to use everything and not be wasteful. There is a lot to be done with a little, and it is important to our planet not to waste and be creative with what we have. It has been pointed out to me over time that I am able to make masterpieces out of leftovers. So I thought I could share my secrets to making fast, beautiful food with things that are already in your pantry or fridge!

Where the Leftover Queen Comes In

I grew up learning from my Grandparents that you should not waste things, especially food – as you can always turn a little into a lot, if you have the right ingredients. They taught me how to be creative with what I have. This is really a fundamental part of my relationship with food. I always have essentials in my pantry, I always save leftovers and I always bring home leftovers from the restaurant. So what happens when all of these come together? Always something original and usually something very good!

Cooking with leftovers can be a fun and interesting challenge! Plus it saves a lot of waste – which is so important these days, not only because of the economy, but also because of the environment. We need to remember and recall the way our grandparents used to cook!

Do you ever look at your pantry filled with stuff that doesn’t seem to go together and say to yourself “There is Nothing to Eat!”. Do you ever look at your fridge filled with scraps from previous dinners and wonder what to do with them? Well fear not. I will give you all the tools you need to make sure your pantry and fridge is full of items that fill in the blanks of your menus. Now you can enjoy food that you love with a new twist! This webpage will give you plenty of ideas to feed your family with healthy, quick, filling and inexpensive meals. All with a creative and ethnic flair!

So say GOODBYE to heating up the same thing the same way and say HELLO to the Leftover Queen’s food makeovers!

I am available for all types of freelance food and travel related work. Please serious inquiries only.

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Note: I am happy to do product reviews, however I will not promote products that contain Aspartame, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, Splenda, hydrogenated oils, Nutrasweet, palm oil or palm kernel oil.

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