Mojitos are a great drink for the summer. They are a classic Cuban drink that puts one in the mind of Mint Juleps, which are already a classic. Mojitos are now all the rage, showing up on restaurant menus everywhere. Mine is a twist on the classic, using the tropical flavor of coconut rum.
They are so easy to make, and beautiful! Try one today!


Fresh Mint
Limes – cut into 8ths
Coconut Rum
Club Soda or Seltzer
Simple Syrup: see recipe


For each drink, use a highball glass. Add a few sprigs of mint and a few pieces of lime to the bottom of the glass. Using a mortar and pestle (or spoon if you don’t have one) bruise the mint and lime. Add one jigger of coconut rum, one jigger of simple syrup, add ice to the top then fill the rest of the glass with club soda or seltzer. You can make a whole pitcher of these drinks ahead of time and they are sure to get your party going!