Recipe: Greek Frappe (Iced Coffee)


The Coffee Frappe in Greece is often described as a way of life. The drink is so ubiquitous with the culture that you can almost not think of one without the other. This being the case, there are often as many opinions as people on what is the correct way to make it – sweet, bitter, light, dark, etc. My take on it, not being Greek and therefore not having any real stake in it, other than enjoying it, is that it is up to personal preference. I like mine light sweet and frothy!
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Recipe: Magnificent Mojitos


Mojitos are a great drink for the summer. They are a classic Cuban drink that puts one in the mind of Mint Juleps, which are already a classic. Mojitos are now all the rage, showing up on restaurant menus everywhere. Mine is a twist on the classic, using the tropical flavor of coconut rum.
They are so easy to make, and beautiful! Try one today!

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