Recipe: Ethnic Spice Blends


I have several spice blends that I use all the time for a variety of dishes. They are easy to make but priceless when it comes to the ease of use when you are trying to make something fast. Made ahead, stored in your pantry, they are grab and go easy!
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Recipe: Simple Syrup


Do you ever wonder what to do with the leftover juice and syrup from canned fruit?
Here is a great way to use it, by making simple syrup. Simple syrup should be kept in your fridge, but it is great to use in cocktails, like Mojitos, as well as for lemonades, to sweeten iced tea and for dessert sauces!

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…to making exciting food with your leftovers!

Hope you will enjoy all the recipes on this website and that it inspires you to creatively use your leftovers and pantry items!

Happy Cooking!